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New Additions provides access to new titles added to the University Libraries. New books, journals, and government documents in all formats, including electronic, are included. The list is refreshed each Monday with items remaining on the list for two weeks. To obtain current call number, location, and availability information, click on the title. New Additions is arranged by library and sorted by call number including Library of Congress Classification, National Library of Medicine Classification, Superintendent of Documents Classification for United States government publications, and local call number schemes. Click on the tab for Online to see the list of new e-books and electronic journals.

Last updated: 06/26/2017

Architecture and Planning Library

06/19/2017Designing cities with children and young people : beyond playgrounds and skate parks / edited by KatHT206 .D47 2017
06/08/2017Solid wood : case studies in mass timber architecture, technology and design / Joseph Mayo.NA4110 .M29 2015

Silverman Library [Capen]

Silverman Multimedia [Capen]

Health Sciences Media Collection

Health Sciences Library

06/09/2017Anatomy : a photographic atlas / Johannes W. Rohen, Chihiro Yokochi, Elke Lütjen-Drecoll.QS 17 R737c 2016
06/12/2017First aid for the USMLE step 1 2017 : a student-to-student guide / Tao Le, MD, Vikas Bhushan, MD, MHWB 18.2 F5275 2017

Law Library Koren AV Center

Law Library

06/08/2017Pragmatics and law : philosophical perspectives / Alessandro Capone, Francesca Poggi, editors.K487 .L36 P734 2016
06/08/2017Legal scholarship in Jewish law : an annotated bibliography of journal articles / by David HollanderKBM523.8 .H65 2017
06/08/2017Federal deception law : FTC and CFPB rules, RICO, False Claims Act, debt relief, TCPA, telemarketingKF1609 .S523 2017
06/13/2017Oregon legal research / Suzanne E. Rowe.KFO2475 .R69 2016
06/09/2017Goals and practice of public bioethics : reflections on national bioethics commissions.QH332 .G63 2017

Lockwood Library

06/06/2017Jean-Jacques Rousseau Face au Public : problèmes d'identité / Masano Yamashita.B2137 .Y36 2017
06/13/2017The collected works of Spinoza / edited and translated by Edwin Curley.B3958 1985
06/14/2017Interventions in contemporary thought : history, politics, aesthetics / Gabriel Rockhill.B791 .R73 2017
06/15/2017Beyond the archive : memory, narrative, and the autobiographical process / Jens Brockmeier.BF371 .B747 2015
06/07/2017Declutter your mind : how to stop worrying, relieve anxiety, and eliminate negative thinking / BarriBF637 .S4 D365 2016
06/08/2017Encyclopedia of early modern history / edited by Friedrich Jaeger.BOOK
06/12/2017Christian women in the Greek papyri of Egypt to 400 CE / Erica A. Mathieson.BR195 .W6 M38 2014
06/12/2017Medieval Christianity in the North : new studies / edited by Kirsi Salonen, Kurt Villads Jensen, andBR974 .M428 2012
06/19/2017The Syriac Peshiṭta Bible with English translation. Exodus / English translation by Mark R. MeyerBS1244 .S9 P44 2017
06/08/2017The first love story : Adam, Eve, and us / Bruce Feiler.BS680 .L64 F45 2017
06/07/2017Gender and Christianity in medieval Europe : new perspectives / edited by Lisa M. Bitel and Felice LBT708 .G45 2008
06/19/2017God in captivity : the rise of faith-based prison ministries in the age of mass incarceration / TanyBV4340 .E745 2017
06/08/2017Pope Alexander III (1159-81) : the art of survival / edited by Peter D. Clarke and Anne J. Duggan.BX1226 .P67 2012
06/08/2017A companion to the great western schism (1378-1417) / edited by Joelle Rollo-Koster and Thomas M. IzBX1301 .C66 2009
06/08/2017Raiding Saint Peter : empty sees, violence, and the initiation of the Great Western Schism (1378) /BX1301 .R65 2008
06/12/2017Rationale. Book five, Commentary on the divine office / William Durand ; introduction, translation aBX1973 .D87513 2015
06/19/2017A Byzantine monastic office, 1105 A.D. : Houghton Library, MS gr. 3 / Jeffrey C. Anderson & StefanoBX4711.163 .B98 2016
06/15/2017Homo deus : a brief history of tomorrow / Yuval Noah Harari ; translated by the author.CB428 .H3685 2016
06/07/2017De l'Étrurie à Rome : Mécène et la fondation de l'Empire / par Clément Chillet.D5 .B4 no.373
06/19/2017Young and damned and fair : the life of Catherine Howard, fifth wife of King Henry VIII / Gareth RusDA333 .H7 R87 2017
06/19/2017Crown of blood : the deadly inheritance of Lady Jane Grey / Nicola Tallis.DA345.1 .D9 T28 2016
06/19/2017The making of the British landscape : from the Ice Age to the present / Nicholas Crane.DA632 .C73 2016
06/12/2017Encyclopaedic prosopographical lexicon of Byzantine history and civilization / edited by Alexis G. SDF506 .E6413 2007
06/09/2017Cross-cultural exchange in the Byzantine world, c. 300-1500 A.D. : selected papers from the XVIIth IDF546 .O94 2016
06/13/2017The sons of Remus : identity in Roman Gaul and Spain / Andrew C. Johnston.DG87 .J64 2017
06/19/2017A land without borders : my journey around East Jerusalem and the West Bank / Nir Baram; translatedDS119.7 .B37 2017
06/08/2017House of snow : an anthology of the greatest writing about Nepal / foreword by Sir Ranulph Fiennes ;DS493.53 .H68 2016
06/15/2017Huế 1968 : a turning point of the American war in Vietnam / Mark Bowden.DS557.8 .H83 B68 2017
06/19/2017American Sanctuary : Mutiny, Martyrdom, And National Identity In The Age of Revolution / A. Roger EkE321 .E38 2017
06/14/2017Critically sovereign : indigenous gender, sexuality, and feminist studies / Joanne Barker, editor.E76.8 .C75 2017
06/16/2017Zwischen den Heimaten : Deutsch-argentinische Einwanderervereine in Rosario und Esperanza, 1856-1933F3021 .G3 K73 2016
06/19/2017Black Detroit : a people's history of self-determination / Herb Boyd.F574 .D49 N429 2017
06/13/2017The later prehistory of North-West Europe : the evidence of development-led fieldwork / Richard BradGN803 .B6587 2016
06/07/2017Katherine Dunham : dance and the African diaspora / Joanna Dee Das.GV1785 .D82 D44 2017
06/19/2017The selected letters of John Kenneth Galbraith / edited by Richard P.F. Holt.HB119 .G33 A4 2017
06/19/2017The sum of small things : a theory of the aspirational class / Elizabeth Currid-Halkett.HB831 .C87 2017
06/19/2017Beating the odds : jump-starting developing countries / Justin Yifu Lin and Célestin Monga.HC59.7 .L41858 2017
06/15/2017Who really feeds the world? : the failures of agribusiness and the promise of agroecology / VandanaHD9000.5 .S455 2016
06/07/2017The official guide for GMAT® quantitative review 2017 / from the Graduate Management Admission CounHF1118 .O36 2016
06/08/2017Byzantine trade, 4th-12th centuries : the archaeology of local, regional and international exchangeHF405 .S67 2009
06/14/2017Robert McNamara's other war : the World Bank and international development / Patrick Allan Sharma.HG3881.5 .W57 S46 2017
06/14/2017Adaptive markets : financial evolution at the speed of thought / Andrew W. Lo.HG4515.15 .L63 2017
06/08/2017Move fast and break things : how Facebook, Google, and Amazon cornered culture and undermined democrHM851 .T365 2017
06/19/2017Rebel mother : my childhood chasing the revolution / Peter Andreas.HQ1413 .A48 A54 2017
06/14/2017Daring to drive : a Saudi woman's awakening / Manal al-Sharif.HQ1730 .Z75 S47 2017
06/19/2017Wedding toasts I'll never give / Ada Calhoun.HQ734 .C185 2017
06/07/2017Homing instincts : early motherhood on a Midwestern farm / Sarah Menkedick.HQ759 .M464 2017
06/14/2017Physics of Blackness : beyond the middle passage epistemology / Michelle M. Wright.HT1581 .W693 2015
06/08/2017The shattered mosaic : how Canadian social structures cause homelessness / Mary Ellen Donnan, PhD.HV4509 .D66 2016
06/07/2017Refuge : transforming a broken refugee system / Alexander Betts and Paul Collier.HV640 .B48 2017
06/14/2017I was told to come alone : my journey behind the lines of jihad / Souad Mekhennet.HV6433 .I722 I8562 2017
06/13/2017Machiavelli's politics / Catherine H. Zuckert.JC143 .M4 Z935 2017
06/06/2017Le secret des secrets : traduction du XVe siècle / Pseudo-Aristote ; édité par Denis Lorée.JC393 .A3 S414 2017
06/14/2017Native studies keywords / edited by Stephanie Nohelani Teves, Andrea Smith, and Michelle H. Raheja.KIA4.2 .S68 N38 2015
06/07/2017The trial of Adolf Hitler : the Beer Hall Putsch and the rise of Nazi Germany / David King.KK69 .H57 K56 2017
06/12/2017Instructional technology in early childhood : teaching in the digital age / by Howard P. Parette, JrLB1139.35 .C64 P37 2013
06/12/2017Tap, click, read : growing readers in a world of screens / Lisa Guernsey and Michael H. Levine.LC149.5 .G84 2015
06/09/2017Raising race questions : whiteness and inquiry in education / Ali Michael ; foreword by Shaun R. HarLC212.2 .M54 2015
06/14/2017Curating research / Paul O'Neill & Mick Wilson (eds.)N408 .C874 2015
06/19/2017Early Byzantine pilgrimage art / Gary Vikan.N6250 .V54 2010
06/13/2017Against ambience and other essays / Seth Kim-Cohen.N6497 .K56 2016
06/12/2017Portraits and icons : between reality and spirituality in Byzantine art / Katherine Marsengill.N8189 .B97 M37 2013
06/12/2017Sandbank city : Lagos at 150 / John Godwin and Gillian Hopwood.NA1599 .N52 L34 2012
06/08/2017Ancient mosaic pavements : themes, issues, and trends : selected studies / by Rachel Hachlili.NA3760 .H33 2009
06/09/2017Corpus of Byzantine church mosaic pavements from Israel and the Palestinian territories / by AndrewNA3780 .M33 2014
06/19/2017Byzantine figural processional crosses / John A. Cotsonis.NK8428 .C68 1994
06/14/2017The aesthetic imperative : writings on art / Peter Sloterdijk ; edited with an afterword by Peter WeNX460 .S5913 2017
06/15/2017Word by word : the secret life of dictionaries / Kory Stamper.P327 .S695 2017
06/09/2017Second-language discourse in the digital world : linguistic and social practices in and beyond the nP53.855 .V26 2016
06/08/2017Zombies, migrants, and queers : race and crisis capitalism in pop culture / Camilla Fojas.P94.65 .U6 F653 2017
06/14/2017Rhetoric in tooth and claw : animals, language, sensation / Debra Hawhee.PA3265 .H35 2017
06/08/2017The library of Aristotle : the most important collection of books ever formed / K. Sp. Staikos ; traPA3903 .A1 S7313 2016
06/08/2017The Polish Formalist school and Russian Formalism / Andrzej Karcz.PG7008 .K36 2002
06/14/2017World theories of theatre / Glenn Odom.PN2039 .O35 2017
06/15/2017Science fiction criticism : an anthology of essential writings / edited by Rob Latham.PN3433.6 .S34 2017
06/14/2017Ryszard Kapuściński : a life / Artur Domosławski ; translated by Antonia Lloyd-Jones.PN5355 .P62 K36313 2012
06/06/2017Epistrophies : jazz and the literary imagination / Brent Hayes Edwards.PN56 .M87 E36 2017
06/14/2017Imagine wanting only this / Kristen Radtke.PN6727 .R334 Z46 2017
06/06/2017Artus de Bretagne : roman en prose de la fin du XIIIe siecle : edition critique du manuscript BnF frPQ1425 .A55 2017
06/06/2017La brièveté / sous la direction de Pascale Auraix-Jonchière et Vigor Caillet.PQ2189 .B32 Z693 2017
06/14/2017The heart / Maylis de Kerangal ; translated from the French by Sam Taylor.PQ2671 .E64 R4713 2016
06/08/2017El imperio de la virtud : Grandeza Mexicana (1604) de bemardo de balbuena y el discurso criollo novoPQ6437 .V2 Z75 2017
06/07/2017Los cautivos de Argel / Félix Lope de Vega ; edición, introducción y notas de Natalio Ohanna.PQ6438 .C38 2017
06/07/2017Tentativa del hombre infinito : poema / Pablo Neruda ; edición de Hernán Loyola.PQ8097 .N4 T4 2017
06/08/2017Animals and other people : literary forms and living beings in the long eighteenth century / HeatherPR448 .A55 K44 2016
06/07/2017Victorian pain / Rachel Ablow.PR468 .P15 A26 2017
06/19/2017What language do I dream in? / Elena Lappin.PR6062 .A67 A3 2017
06/06/2017The boy who spat in Sargrenti's eye / Manu Herbstein.PR9379.9 .H39 B69 2016
06/13/2017Americanah : [a novel] / Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie.PR9387.9 .A34354 A44 2014
06/19/2017The golden legend / Nadeem Aslam.PR9540.9 .A83 G65 2017
06/14/2017The beguiled : a novel / Thomas Cullinan.PS3553 .U33 B44 2017
06/19/2017The tea girl of Hummingbird Lane : a novel / Lisa See.PS3569 .E3334 T43 2017
06/19/2017Night of the animals / Bill Broun.PS3602 .R686 N54 2017
06/08/2017Void star / Zachary Mason.PS3613 .A8185 V65 2017
06/07/2017Chemistry : a novel / Weike Wang.PS3623 .A4585 C47 2017
06/08/2017OCDaniel / Wesley King.PZ7 .K58922 Oc 2016
06/15/2017Foundations of arithmetic differential geometry / Alexandru Buium.QA641 .B774 2017
06/19/2017Symplectic, Poisson, and noncommutative geometry / edited by Tohru Eguchi, Rikkyo University ; YakovQA665 .S96 2014
06/14/2017A crack in creation : gene editing and the unthinkable power to control evolution / Jennifer A. DoudQH440 .D68 2017
06/08/2017Brain-computer interfaces : lab experiments to real-world applications / edited by Damien Coyle.QP360.7 .B73 2016
06/14/2017The death gap : how inequality kills / David A. Ansell, MD.RA418.3 .U6 A57 2017
06/07/2017Outside mental health : voices and visions of madness / Will Hall.RC454 .H355 2016
06/15/2017Re-thinking autism : diagnosis, identity and equality / edited by Katherine Runswick-Cole, Rebecca MRC553 .A88 R483 2016
06/14/2017Technical Communication / Mike Markel, Boise State University.T11 .M346 2016
06/08/2017Energy harvesting and energy efficiency : technology, methods, and applications / Nicu Bizon, NaserTK2897 .E54 2017
06/08/2017The cybersecurity dilemma : hacking, trust, and fear between nations / Ben Buchanan.TK5105.59 .B83 2016
06/14/2017At the edge of the world : the heroic century of the French Foreign Legion / Jean-Vincent Blanchard.UA703 .L5 B49 2017
06/08/2017Reading and the First World War : readers, texts, archives / edited by Shafquat Towheed, Edmund G. CZ1003.5 .E9R433 2015
06/08/2017Consumable texts in contemporary India : uncultured books and bibliographical sociology / Suman GuptZ1003.5 .I5 G87 2015

Music Library

06/19/2017Amazing grace : the story of America's most beloved song / Steve Turner.BV317 .A49 T87 2002
06/08/2017Straight ahead / Barry Finnerty.Compact Disc CD 24031
06/08/20172B named later / Barry Finnerty & Superfriends.Compact Disc CD 24032
06/08/2017Fire into music : the best of Impulse, vol. 3.Compact Disc CD 24033
06/08/2017Fire / Von Freeman.Compact Disc CD 24034
06/08/2017New York, NY / Boulou Ferré.Compact Disc CD 24035
06/08/2017Jungle cat.Compact Disc CD 24036
06/08/2017The traveler / Brandon Fields.Compact Disc CD 24037
06/08/2017The other side of the story / Brandon Fields.Compact Disc CD 24038
06/08/2017Fiedler & friends.Compact Disc CD 24039
06/08/2017Francisco's song / Hilario Durán.Compact Disc CD 24040
06/08/2017Right on time / Carl Filipiak.Compact Disc CD 24041
06/08/2017Every little moment / Guy Van Duser & Billy Novick.Compact Disc CD 24042
06/08/2017Ann Dyer and No Good Time Fairies / with Hafez Modirzadeh ; produced by Brian Bacchus.Compact Disc CD 24043
06/08/2017The Mar Vista sessions.Compact Disc CD 24044
06/08/2017Into the Faddisphere / Jon Faddis.Compact Disc CD 24045
06/08/2017Fallen angels : original soundtrack recording.Compact Disc CD 24046
06/08/2017City tribes / Charles Fambrough.Compact Disc CD 24047
06/08/2017Jazz saxophone classics. Volume One / Bob Fanelli.Compact Disc CD 24048
06/08/2017Rhythm machine / Fania All Stars.Compact Disc CD 24049
06/08/2017Ciaó baby / Massimo Faraó.Compact Disc CD 24050
06/08/2017Quark / Itchy Fingers.Compact Disc CD 24051
06/13/2017Who's who of British jazz / John Chilton.ML102 .J3 C4 2004
06/19/2017A basic music library : essential scores and sound recordings / compiled by the Music Library AssociML113 .B3 2017
06/16/2017Church and worship music in the United States : a research and information guide / James Michael FloML128 .C54 S43 2017
06/12/2017Dutch harp music / Mirella Vita ; translated from Italian by Rita Connelly.ML128 .H3 V58 2001
06/14/2017Gaetano Donizetti : a research and information guide / James P. Cassaro.ML134 .D66 C37 2009
06/15/2017Scott Joplin : a guide to research / Nancy R. Ping-Robbins.ML134 .J75 P56 2014
06/13/2017Massenet : catalogue générale des oeuvres = general catalogue of works / révisé, traduit et édiML134 .M467 M37 2016
06/16/2017Antiphonaria : catalogue of notated office manuscripts preserved in Flanders (c. 1100-c. 1800) / genML136 .A1 A58 2015
06/16/2017The American musical : history & development / Peter H. Riddle ; edited by Gay Riddle.ML1711 .R463 2013
06/13/2017British musical theatre since 1950 / Robert Gordon, Olaf Jubin and Millie Taylor.ML1731 .G67 2016
06/19/2017Music and the modern condition : investigating the boundaries / Ljubica Ilic.ML193 .I55 2010
06/13/2017Actor-musicianship / Jeremy Harrison ; foreword by John Doyle.ML2054 .H26 2016
06/19/2017Magical musical tour : rock and pop in film soundtracks / K.J. Donnelly.ML2075 .D663 2015
06/13/2017Music, movies, meanings, and markets : cinemajazzamatazz / Morris B. Holbrook.ML2075 .H635 2016
06/16/2017Music's obedient daughter : the opera libretto from source to score / edited by Sabine Lichtenstein.ML2110 .M89 2014
06/16/2017Classic tracks : the real stories behind 68 seminal recordings / Richard Buskin.ML3470 .B87 2012
06/06/2017I'll take you there : pop music and the urge for transcendence / Bill Friskics-Warren.ML3470 .F746 2005
06/07/2017Meet me in the bathroom : rebirth and rock and roll in New York City, 2001-2011 / Lizzy Goodman.ML3477.8 .N48 G66 2017
06/12/2017Tokyo boogie-woogie : Japan's pop era and its discontents / Hiromu Nagahara.ML3501 .N18 2017
06/13/2017The original blues : the emergence of the blues in African American vaudeville / Lynn Abbott and DouML3521 .A23 2017
06/16/2017The future of the music business : how to succeed with the new digital technologies : a guide for arML3790 .G67 2015
06/14/2017Becoming Elektra : the true story of Jac Holzman's visionary record label / Mick Houghton.ML3792 .E64 H685 2010
06/19/2017Scholarly research for musicians / Sang-hie Lee.ML3797 .S346 2017
06/19/2017Music, talent, and performance : a conservatory cultural system / Henry Kingsbury.ML3798 .K56 2001
06/13/2017Audible signs : essays from a musical ground / by Michael Alec Rose.ML3800 .R59 2010
06/14/2017The new analog : listening and reconnecting in a digital world / Damon Krukowski.ML3830 .K756 2017
06/16/2017Popular music scenes and cultural memory / Andy Bennett, Ian Rogers.ML3918 .P67 B45 2016
06/19/2017Fashion and music / Janice Miller.ML3918 .P67 M557 2011
06/13/2017Music and altered states : consciousness, transcendence, therapy and addiction / edited by David AldML3920 .M867 2006
06/19/2017Roadkill on the three-chord highway : art and trash in American popular music / Colin Escott.ML400 .E63 2002
06/19/2017Anyone who had a heart : my life and music / Burt Bacharach with Robert Greenfield.ML410 .B172 A3 2014
06/06/2017Beethoven's Fifth and Seventh symphonies : a closer look / David Hurwitz.ML410 .B42 H87 2008
06/12/2017Les XIV Sequenze de Luciano Berio / édité par Stéphane Orlando ; avec la collaboration de LaurencML410 .B4968 B474 2015
06/12/2017Singing sedition : piety and politics in the music of William Billings / Charles E. Brewer.ML410 .B588 B74 2017
06/16/2017Pierre Boulez studies / edited by Edward Campbell and Peter O'Hagan.ML410 .B773 P576 2016
06/19/2017Johannes Brahms : a German requiem / Helmuth Rilling.ML410 .B8 R55 2017
06/16/2017Experimentations : John Cage in music, art, and architecture / Branden W. Joseph.ML410 .C24 J67 2016
06/13/2017Giovanni Gabrieli : transmission and reception of a Venetian musical tradition / edited by Rodolfo BML410 .G11 G57 2016
06/16/2017Zwischen Kanon und Geschichte : Josquin im Deutschland des 16. Jahrhunderts / Michael Meyer.ML410 .J815 M49 2016
06/16/2017Locatelli and the violin bravura tradition / edited by Fulvia Morabito.ML410 .L793 L633 2015
06/16/2017The Rameau compendium / Graham Sadler.ML410 .R2 S235 2014
06/12/2017Michael Tippett's Fifth string quartet : a study in vision and revision / Thomas Schuttenhelm.ML410 .T467 S33 2017
06/19/2017Beyond black and white : my life in music / Roger Woodward.ML417 .W66 A3 2014
06/16/2017Free jazz, harmolodics, and Ornette Coleman / Stephen Rush.ML419 .C63 R87 2017
06/15/2017Here we are now : the lasting impact of Kurt Cobain / Charles R. Cross.ML420 .C59 C77 2014
06/15/2017Robert Plant : the voice that sailed the Zeppelin / Dave Thompson.ML420 .P58 T46 2014
06/12/2017Good vibrations : Brian Wilson and the Beach Boys in critical perspective / edited by Philip LambertML421 .B38 G65 2016
06/15/2017The real Toscanini : musicians reveal the maestro / Cesare Civetta.ML422 .T67 C48 2012
06/16/2017Don Kirshner : the man with the golden ear : how he changed the face of rock and roll / Rich PodolskML429 .K555 P63 2012
06/12/2017Texts and beyond : the process of music composition from the 19th to the 20th century / edited by JoML430 .T49 2016
06/19/2017Powder her face : an opera in two acts and eight scenes / Philip Hensher ; set to music by Thomas AdML50 .A3317 P68 1995
06/19/2017A view from the bridge : opera in two acts in English / music by William Bolcom ; libretto by ArnoldML50 .B695 V54 2002
06/14/2017Die Zaubergeige : Spieloper in drei Akten, nach Pocci / von Ludwig Andersen und Werner Egk.ML50 .E35 Z2 1954
06/19/2017An American tragedy : opera in two acts / music by Tobias Picker ; libretto by Gene Scheer, based onML50 .P553 2005
06/16/2017Into the woods / music & lyrics by Stephen Sondheim ; book by James Lapine.ML50 .S705 I5 2014
06/08/2017Stravinsky's Pulcinella : a facsimile of the sources and sketches / edited by Maureen A. Carr.ML96.5 .S865 P85 2010 CDROM
06/16/2017Art song : linking poetry and music / by Carol Kimball.MT120 .K55 2013
06/19/2017The classical piano sonata : from Haydn to Prokofiev / Michael Davidson.MT140 .D28 2004
06/15/2017College music curricula for a new century / edited by Robin D. Moore.MT18 .C64 2017
06/19/2017Techniques of 20th century Turkish "contemporary" music : an introductory survey / Alper Maral and MMT3 .T87 M37 2011
06/16/2017The composer's handbook / Bruce Cole.MT40 .C65 1996
06/14/2017'The temple of music' / by Robert Fludd ; Peter Hauge.MT6 .F63 2016
06/14/2017Music direction for the stage : a view from the podium / Joseph Church.MT955 .C59 2015
06/13/2017Méta-Harmonie : Musikmaschinen und Maschinenmusik im Werk von Jean Tinguely = Music machines and maNB853 .T5 A4 2016
06/19/2017Accompanied voices : poets on composers, from Thomas Tallis to Arvo Pärt / selected by John GreeninPR1195 .M7 A336 2015


06/12/2017Basic concepts in pharmacology : what you need to know for each drug class / Janet L. AccessMedicine
06/06/2017Almost Hollywood, nearly New Orleans : the lure of the local film economy / Vicki Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017Finding Jerusalem : archaeology between science and ideology / Katharina Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017Hindu pluralism : religion and the public sphere in early modern South India / Elaine M. Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017Hokum! : the early sound slapstick short and Depression-era mass culture / Rob Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017Modernizing composition : Sinhala song, poetry, and politics in twentieth-century Sri Lanka / Garretin Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017The indigenous state : race, politics, and performance in plurinational Bolivia / Nancy Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017Voices of labor : creativity, craft, and conflict in global Hollywood / Michael Curtin, Kevin Sansonin Books at JSTOR Open Access
06/06/2017Economics without borders : economic research for European policy challenges / edited by Marc Ivaldiin Cambridge Open Access Books
06/06/2017Cancer treatment and the ovary : clinical and laboratory analysis of ovarian toxicity / edited by Riin ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Cardiology secrets / [edited by] Glenn N. ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Cellular and molecular immunology / Abul K. Abbas, Andrew H. H. Lichtman, Shiv Pillai ; illustrationin ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Clinical challenges in therapeutic drug monitoring : special populations, physiological conditions ain ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Clinical trials : study design, endpoints and biomarkers, drug safety, and FDA and ICH guidelines /in ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Essence of anesthesia practice / [edited by] Lee A. Fleisher, Michael F. Roizen, Jeffrey D. ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Genetic diagnosis of endocrine disorders / edited by Roy E. Weiss, Samuel ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Goldberger's clinical electrocardiography : a simplified approach / Ary L. Goldberger, Zachary D. Goin ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Illustrated textbook of paediatrics / edited by Tom Lissauer, Will Carroll ; foreword by Sir Alan Crin ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Nelson pediatric symptom-based diagnosis / [edited by] Robert M. Kliegman, Patricia S. Lye, Brett ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Netter's obstetrics and gynecology / Roger P. Smith ; illustrations by Frank H. Netter ; contributinin ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Netter's sports medicine / editors, Christopher Madden, Margot Putukian, Eric C. McCarty, Craig C. Yin ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Physiology / Linda S. ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Prostate cancer : science and clinical practice / edited by Jack H. Mydlo, Ciril J. ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Sjogren's syndrome : novel insights in pathogenic, clinical and therapeutic aspects / edited by Robein ClinicalKey
06/06/2017Stoelting's anesthesia and co-existing disease / edited by Roberta L. Hines, Katherine E. ClinicalKey
06/06/2017The Harriet Lane handbook : a manual for pediatric house officers / the Harriet Lane Service at Thein ClinicalKey
06/15/2017A history of the modernist novel / edited by Gregory Ebook Library
06/12/2017Advances in cultural linguistics [electronic resource] / Farzad Sharifian, Ebook Library
06/12/2017Becoming Heinrich Schenker : music theory and ideology / Robert P. Ebook Library
06/16/2017Bilingual Brokers [electronic resource] : Race, Literature, and Language as Human Ebook Library
06/06/2017Cell membrane nanodomains : from biochemistry to nanoscopy / edited by Alessandra Cambi, Diane S. Liin Ebook Library
06/12/2017Cicero on politics and the limits of reason : the republic and laws / Jed W. Ebook Library
06/09/2017Cities of others : reimagining urban spaces in Asian American literature / Xiaojing Ebook Library
06/12/2017Clinical perspectives on autobiographical memory / edited by Lynn A. Watson, Dorthe Ebook Library
06/16/2017Deleuze and the schizoanalysis of literature / edited by Ian Buchanan, Tim Matts, Aidan Ebook Library
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