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New Additions provides access to new titles added to the University Libraries. New books, journals, and government documents in all formats, including electronic, are included. The list is refreshed each Monday with items remaining on the list for two weeks. To obtain current call number, location, and availability information, click on the title. New Additions is arranged by library and sorted by call number including Library of Congress Classification, National Library of Medicine Classification, Superintendent of Documents Classification for United States government publications, and local call number schemes. Click on the tab for Online to see the list of new e-books and electronic journals.

Last updated: 05/20/2019

Architecture and Planning Library

Silverman Library [Capen]

Silverman Multimedia [Capen]

Health Sciences Media Collection

Health Sciences Library

05/13/2019Ecovillages around the world : 20 regenerative designs for sustainable communities.APHT169.575 .E34 2018
05/02/2019Calder : from the stony river to the sky / Alexander Calder ; texts: Susan Braeuer Dam and Jessica HAPN6537 .C33 A4 2018
05/03/2019Gathering : a place-aware guide to the Cairngorms inspired by the place-name collections of Adam WatAPN7433.4 .F559 G38 2018
05/02/2019Changing and unchanging things : Noguchi and Hasegawa in postwar Japan / edited by Dakin Hart and MaAPNB237 .N6 A4 2019

Law Library Koren AV Center

Law Library

Lockwood Library

05/08/2019Using digital humanities in the classroom : a practical introduction for teachers, lecturers, and stAZ182 .B37 2017
05/08/2019Generous thinking : a radical approach to saving the university / Kathleen Fitzpatrick.AZ182 .F58 2019
04/30/2019Conceptions of dreaming from Homer to 1800 / G.W. Pigman III.BF1078 .P555 2019
05/10/2019If I understood you, would I have this look on my face? : my adventures in the art and science of reBF637.C45 A424 2017
05/08/2019APA handbook of men and masculinities / Y. Joel Wong and Stephen R. Wester, Editors-in-Chief.BF692.5 .A63 2016
05/06/2019Goy : Israel's multiple others and the birth of the gentile / Adi Ophir and Ishay Rosen-Zvi.BM720.N6 O64 2018
05/01/2019The European Union and North Africa : prospects and challenges / edited by Adel Abdel GhafarD1065 .A355 E87 2019
05/10/2019The unwanted : America, Auschwitz, and a village caught in between / Michael Dobbs.D804.3 .D63 2019
05/13/2019The struggle for equality : India's Muslims and rethinking the UPA experience / Heewon Kim.DS432.M84 K56 2019
05/10/2019Stony the road : Reconstruction, white supremacy, and the rise of Jim Crow / Henry Louis Gates, Jr.E185.61 .G253 2019
05/08/2019The Pan_African connection : from slavery to Garvey and beyond / by Tony Martin.E185.97.G3 M368 1984
05/08/2019Rebellious passage : the Creole revolt and America's coastal slave trade / Jeffrey R. Kerr-Ritchie.E447 .K47 2019
05/02/2019Ashbel P. Fitch : champion of old New York / David F. Remington ; with a foreword by Joanne Reitano.E664 .F535 R46 2011
05/10/2019The matriarch : Barbara Bush and the making of an American dynasty / Susan Page.E883.B87 P34 2019
05/03/2019Powers of the secular modern : Talal Asad and his interlocutors / edited by David Scott and CharlesGN345 .P66 2006
05/01/2019Merce Cunningham : co:mm:on ti:me / edited by Fionn Meade and Joan Rothfuss ; with contributions byGV1785.C85 M485 2017
05/06/2019Making dances that matter : resources for community creativity / Anna Halprin with Rachel Kaplan.GV1785.H267 H35 2019
05/06/2019Sustainable entrepreneurship and social innovation / Edited by Katerina Nicolopoulou, Mine Karatas-OHB615 .S9827 2017
04/30/2019The development of economic thought : an overview / Joseph R. Cammarosano.HB75 .C244 2018
04/30/2019The new grand strategy : restoring America's prosperity, security, and sustainability in the 21st ceHC106.84 .M95 2016
05/10/2019Mobilizing New York : AIDS, antipoverty, and feminist activism / Tamar W. Carroll.HC108 .N7 C29 2015
05/06/2019Authenticity guaranteed : masculinity and the rhetoric of anti-consumerism in American culture / SalHC110.C6 R628 2018
05/01/2019Jim's book : the surprising story of Jim Penman - Australia's backyard millionaire / Catherine MooleHC602.5.P46 M66 2019
04/30/2019Regenerative development and design : a framework for evolving sustainability / Pamela Mang, Ben HagHC79 .E5 M214 2016
05/13/2019Green accounting initiatives and strategies for sustainable development / Chirața Caraiani, CameliHC79.E5 G6874 2015
05/06/2019Social innovation and sustainable entrepreneurship / edited by Maritza I. Espina (Dean and ProfessorHC79.E5 S5675 2018
05/10/2019Strongly sustainable societies : organising human activities on a hot and full earth / edited by KarHC79.E5 S7725 2019
05/10/2019Environmental management in a low carbon economy / Stephen Tinsley.HC79.E5 T56 2014
05/06/2019Embedded sustainability : the next big competitive advantage / Chris Laszlo and Nadya Zhexembayeva.HD30.255 .L396 2011
05/13/2019Sustainable business models : innovation, implementation and success / Annabeth Aagaard, editor.HD30.28 .S889 2019
04/30/2019Sustainable business models / edited by Adam JabłońskiHD30.28 DS877 2019
05/10/2019Social entrepreneurship as sustainable development : introducing the sustainability lens / Tamara L.HD60 .S74 2017
05/10/2019Sustainable frontiers : unlocking change through business, leadership and innovation / Wayne Visser.HD60 .V575 2015
05/10/2019The second mountain : the quest for a moral life / David Brooks.HM1111 .B76 2019
05/10/2019The digital plenitude : the decline of elite culture and the rise of new media / Jay David Bolter.HM851 .B6743 2019
05/09/2019Consumer identities : agency, media and digital culture / edited by Candice Roberts, Myles Ethan LasHM851 .C66 2019
05/09/2019The political life and times of Matilda Joslyn Gage : activist, historian, publisher, writer / MaryHQ1413 .G34 C67 2019
04/30/2019The economics of women, men, and work / Francine D. Blau, Cornell University, Anne E. Winkler, UniveHQ1421 .B56 2018
05/01/2019Unlocking sustainable cities : a manifesto for real change / Paul Chatterton.HT241 .C43 2019
04/30/2019Common worlds : paths toward sustainable urbanism / Carl A. Maida.HT241 .M346 2019
05/06/2019America the vulnerable : how our government is failing to protect us from terrorism / Stephen FlynnHV6432 .F583 2005
05/13/2019The socialist manifesto : the case for radical politics in an era of extreme inequality / Bhaskar SuHX73 .S86 2019
05/01/2019Public entrepreneurship, citizenship, and self-governance / Paul Dragos Aligica (George Mason UniverJF1525 .P6 A55 2019
05/01/2019Divided politics, divided nation : hyperconflict in the Trump era / Darrell M. West.JK1726 .W4 2019
05/03/2019The young eyewitness : how well do children and adolescents describe and identify perpetrators? / JoKF9673 .P69 2017
05/01/2019Reframing the curriculum : design for social justice and sustainability / Susan Santone.LB1570 .S2844 2019
05/01/2019The adjunct underclass : how America's colleges betrayed their faculty, their students, and their miLB2844.1.P3 C55 2019
05/13/2019The artists who will change the world / Omar Kholeif ; introduction by Douglas Coupland.N6496.8 .K46 2018
05/13/2019Plastic capitalism : contemporary art and the drive to waste / Amanda Boetzkes.N8237.8.R44 B64 2019
05/01/2019Building reuse : sustainability, preservation, and the value of design / Kathryn Rogers Merlino.NA2542.36 .M465 2018
04/30/2019Invalid modernism : disability and the missing body of the aesthetic / Michael Davidson.NX180.H34 D38 2019
05/01/2019Reframing migration : Lampedusa, border spectacle and the aesthetics of subversion / Federica MazzarNX650 .P6 M39 2019
05/10/2019Murrinhpatha words : morphology and phonology. John Mansfield.PL7101 .M79 M36 2019
05/09/2019The Hollywood Jim Crow : the racial politics of the movie industry / Maryann Erigha.PN1995.9 .N4 E75 2019
05/10/2019Le Siècle de la légèreté : émergences d'un paradigme du dix-huitième siècle françaisPQ2105 .B464 2019
05/01/2019The besieged city / by Clarice Lispector ; translated by Johnny Lorenz ; edited by Benjamin Moser.PQ9697 .L585 C513 2019
05/10/2019This changes everything / Joel Horwood.PR6108.O8 T45 2015
05/13/2019Trust exercise : a novel / Susan Choi.PS3553.H584 T78 2019
05/01/2019The forest of enchantments / Chitra Lekha Banerjee Divakaruni.PS3554.I86 F67 2019
05/10/2019Championing science : communicating your ideas to decision makers / Roger D. Aines and Amy L. Aines.Q223 .A35 2019
05/10/2019Communicating science effectively : a research agenda / Committee on the Science of Science CommunicQ223 .N36 2017
04/30/2019Information security and cryptology - ICI2018 : 21st International Conference, Seoul, South KoreaQA76.9 .A25 I54 2019
04/30/2019Innovative security solutions for information technology and communications : 11th International ConQA76.9 .A25 I55 2019
04/30/2019Digital literacy unpacked / edited by Katharine Reedy and Jo Parker.QA76.9 .C64 D54 2018
05/01/2019Introduction to complex systems : society, ecology, and nonlinear dynamics / Paul Fieguth.QA808 .F54 2017
05/13/2019Nature's mutiny : how the little Ice Age of the long seventeenth century transformed the West and shQC903.2 .E85 B5613 2019
05/01/2019Citizen science for coastal and marine conservation / edited by John A. Cigliano and Heidi L. BallarQH541.5 .C65 C48 2018
05/10/2019A history of euphoria : the perception and misperception of health and well-being / Christopher MilnRA441 .M55 2019
05/08/2019Psychological treatment of patients with cancer / Ellen A. Dornelas.RC271 .M4 D67 2018
04/30/2019Thomas Szasz : an appraisal of his legacy.RC437.5 .T46 2019
05/09/2019Transgender mental health / by Eric Yarbrough ; foreword by Jack Drescher.RC451.4 .G39 Y37 2018
05/08/2019Psychological treatment of medical patients in integrated primary care / Anne C. Dobmeyer.RC454 .D63 2018
05/01/2019APA handbook of psychopathology / James N. Butcher, editor-in-chief, Jill M. Hooley, associate editoRC467 .A64 2018
05/08/2019Therapeutic relationship in cognitive behavioural therapy / edited by Stirling Moorey & Anna LavendeRC489 .C63 T44 2019
05/08/2019The Cambridge handbook of anxiety and related disorders / edited by Bunmi O. Olatunji, Vanderbilt UnRC531 .C355 2019
05/10/2019The age of addiction : how bad habits became big business / David T. Courtwright.RC533 .C678 2019
05/08/2019Eating disorders in America : a reference handbook / David E. Newton.RC552 .E18 N48 2019
05/08/2019Male eating disorders : experiences of food, body and self / Russell Delderfield.RC552.E18 D44 2018
04/30/2019Carrots don't grow on trees : building sustainable and resilient communities : a farmer's venture inS451.N8 T87 2019
05/10/2019The Chicago guide to communicating science / Scott L. Montgomery.T10.5 .M65 2017
04/30/2019How we're f***ing up our planet / Tony Juniper.TJ163.2 .J86 2018

Music Library

05/10/2019John Cage : the silence of the music : 100 years / Emanuel Dimas de Melo Pimenta.ML410 .C24 P56 2012
05/06/2019From the inside out : an in-depth resource for the development of saxophone sound / Dr. Mark WatkinsMT502 .W38 2018


05/01/2019A companion to media fandom and fan studies / edited by Paul ProQuest Ebook Central
05/01/2019Library storage facilities : from planning to construction to operation / Wyoma VanDuinkerken, Wendiin ProQuest Ebook Central
05/03/2019Modernist fraud : hoax, parody, deception / Leonard ProQuest Ebook Central
05/03/2019Multiphysics in Porous Materials / Zhen (Leo) ProQuest Ebook Central
05/01/2019Pleasure activism [electronic resource] : the politics of feeling good / written and gathered by Adrin ProQuest Ebook Central
05/03/2019Revolution and its discontents : political thought and reform in Iran / Eskandar Sadeghi-Boroujerdi,in ProQuest Ebook Central
05/01/2019Sport and physical activity in the heat : maximizing performance and safety / Douglas J. Casa, editoin ProQuest Ebook Central
05/03/2019The sublime in antiquity / James I. ProQuest Ebook Central

Special Collections